Eight reasons that make
our solutions

Understanding You

We emphasize into understanding what you really need to maximize your performance and we materialize this knowledge into your products.

Innovative Thinking

Unbound by worn-out technologies and practices, we offer you a solution that will successfully strike at the heart of your problems.

Bridging Worlds

Our multi-year experience in both academia and military, ensure that you will receive the best of both worlds.

Intuitive, Tailor-Made Systems

Systems are specifically tailored to your needs and way of thinking. We customize your products to match how you work, so that you don’t have to train and adapt yourself to any foreign methodology.

Better Performance

We program your devices “bare-metal”, avoiding the use of any kind of operating system that inevitably contains underlying services and obscure code. This way your systems will:

  • be invulnerable to computer viruses and cyber-attacks.
  • require absolutely no start or stop procedures. A single on / off switch is enough to fully startup or shutdown all the system at once.
  • startup and shutdown in a fraction of a second, without any boot sequences.

Increased Reliability

We use embedded hardware and software, solid state drives and rugged industrial or marine parts, according to each application. We avoid plugin cards, magnetic relays, cooling fans and moving parts.
This way, your equipment is certain to operate stably and continuously, even in the harshest environments. It is also immune to magnetic fields, shock, vibration and contact oxidation, increasing their survivability and requiring less maintenance.

Field Ergonomics

When field operations need to get done quickly, under psychological stress and heavy vibration / shock conditions, we prefer the use of short / ergonomic menus and industrial membrane buttons.
This way, operators avoid endlessly clicking their way through several layers of menus using a mouse, a trackball or some other pointing device, that may introduce inaccuracy, delays and anxiety.

Affordable Prices

What is the benefit of purchasing a system you cannot afford? Our solutions come with a very attractive price tag, so that you can focus more on your work and less on how to purchase them.