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Communications Management System

Overvoltage Protection of Navy frigates

Emergency Lighting System Upgrade of Navy frigates

Alphanumeric Display for the Tactical System of Navy frigates

Radar-Tactical System Interface for Navy gunboats

The “AEACUS” RFID Maximum Security Physical & Logical Access Control System

Data Acquisition System of a University Electrical Engineering Lab

Supreme Portable Vibration Recorder

Fuel-Water Separator Monitoring and Control System for Ships

The “S-Monitor” Integrated Platform Management System for Navy frigates

The “μEpopsis” Tamper-Proof Industrial Datalogger for Ships

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Solid-State Synchro Repeaters and Converters

Interfaces for Electronic Equipment

Communications Management

Computer Networks

Multiprocessing Designs

Embedded Systems

Physical Access Control

Voice and Data Encryption

Data & Information Security

Computer Peripherals

Special Measurement & Laboratory Equipment

Vibration Recorders

Data Acquisition & Logging

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The “Epopsis” IPMS for Navy gunboats

An Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) was installed in 2010 onboard the client’s Navy Gunboats and has been functioning flawlessly ever since. Costing 30 times less than equivalent...